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How it works

Search Drivers

Visit Instadriver platform, select the driver category you want, choose the location of the driver and you can either select all drivers or verified drivers and press search button.

Call Driver

After hitting search button, you will see summarised profiles of the drivers with their contacts. Click view profile, to read the full profile. Access the contact number and call the driver.

Hire Drivers

On the call, discuss the job opportunity, terms and conditions, or arrange a meetup to discuss further and if you are both a perfect fit, proceed to hire that driver. As simple as that.

Post Profile

As a driver, all you need to do is to create an account with Instadriver, go to your profile page and update your profile. Once you post your profile, employers will be able to find you.

Employers find you and call you

Employers normally come to Instadriver to find and hire drivers. Employers will be able to view your profile, and if they are impressed, they will call you and you instantly get a driving job.

And you get hired

Instadriver is the best and reliable platform for drivers to get hired. When it comes to looking for drivers, employers only know of Instadriver. Leverage Instadriver to get a good job.


You don’t have to waste money posting vacancy Ads. Stop posting vacancy ads on whatsapp groups and on social media. Stop making desperate hires because you have few choices. Stop nagging your friends to find you a driver. Get your driver from Instadriver and it is free. At Instadriver, you have a long list to choose a competent driver. Go to search bar, select the driver category you want, choose the location of the driver and press search button. Pick the driver you want. It is that simple and instantaneous.


This is a platform to get employed faster and effortlessly. It is not fun staying unemployed. You don’t have to toil asking your relatives, friends and acquaintances to find you a job. Get a job instantly. Just post your profile on Instadriver and employers will find you instantaneously. You can increase your visibility and increase the odds of getting hired by using the Verified Feature and the Top Add Feature. To create your profile for free, click here. This is how millennials and Gen Z find employment.

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