Verified Search

By using Verified Search you will only view the results of all the drivers that have been verified by Instadriver. A driver who is marked verified means that:
  • He has been test-driven by Instadriver and rated competent to drive. This will help you not hire incompetent drivers and will surely cut the selection curve. It will also prevent accidents.
  • His driving documents have been verified as valid documents and not forged. Hiring non-qualified drivers or drivers with fake documents will cost you a lot.
To use this feature, you will pay $ 20 (i.e. Kshs. 2,000) and a link of the verified search results will be shown and sent to your email. The link will automatically expire after 3 days. The shown results can be saved as PDF or printed.

The difference between free search and verified search is that in free search, we dont subject drivers to test-driving and we do not validate whether his documents are valid. The employer will undertake these tasks by himself. With Verified search, we do it for you.

Watch This Video To Learn More About Verified Search